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The Teeth Retainers Mystery Revealed

Are you wondering what are the benefits of teeth retainers? Read on to find out. A retainer is designed to hold teeth in place, so it’s vital to use it properly. However, some people have problems with wearing their retainer properly. The process can be complicated, so it’s important to read up on the benefits and limitations of teeth retainers. This article will provide you with some helpful tips.
Keep retainer in your mouth while eating

You may wonder how to keep your retainer in your mouth while eating. Luckily, there are many ways to do it! First of all, you need to be aware of what foods can damage your retainer. Hard candies and other chewy foods are a big no-no. Secondly, you need to avoid chewing on your retainer while eating. If you do manage to chew on hard candies, make sure you use a toothpick instead of a floss threader.
Avoid hard foods

You can eat the hard and crunchy fruits and vegetables but they are not the best for your teeth retainers. These types of foods can damage the braces or loosen the cement that holds the bands in place. Hard foods like candy can also bend wires or dislodge brackets. If you’re not sure whether a certain food is safe to eat, cut it into small pieces and chew it using your back teeth. Avoid gums and acidic drinks too. These are harmful to the plastic and clear aligners so they must be avoided.

Avoid seeds

If you have braces or other teeth-retaining appliances, it is important to avoid seeds and nuts. Biting on these foods can damage your braces and damage your treatment plan. It is important to keep your braces clean, which is why avoiding seeds and nuts is crucial to your success. You can even avoid nut-based foods, such as almonds and sunflower seeds. However, you can still enjoy a handful of these foods, such as peanut butter, on yogurt or as a spread.
Avoid wearing it at night

If you’ve got to wear your teeth retainers at night, you may be worried about snatching them. You should not worry about this, however, because you’ve invested considerable time and money in your orthodontic treatment and are able to find another way to ensure they stay in place. Whether you’re a night owl or not, here are some tips to help you sleep well with your retainers at night:
Worst case scenario

You’ve probably wondered what the worst case scenario for teeth retainers is. After all, the truth is that teeth retainers do have a downside: limited use can what are the benefits of teeth retainers actually undo the effects of years of braces. Even the slightest movement of a tooth can create major problems for your oral health and your smile. Worse yet, you may have overcrowded teeth or a misaligned bite. The only way to avoid such a scenario is to properly care for your teeth and retainers.